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At the Tip of Your Fingers

Phone Camera

Apps for the Outdoors

There are some pretty amazing apps out there for your smart phone to keep you safe and active outdoors.
AllTrails-describes trails/paths near you
SkyView-search for the stars even in daylight
PlantNet-identify a plant; learn how to use it
Lightning-find out if lightning strikes are near you-keep safe
Weather Network-what's the forecast?
AdventureSmart-trip plan; safety tips for different activities
MapMyRide-track your route if you seem to get lost; fitness tracking
iHunter-find crownland with free access
SurvivalGuide-backcountry safety
Canadian Red Cross First Aid- pocket first aid manual
Mammut Safety-avalanche risk awareness

Woman in Grey Jacket

Outdoor clothing

There is no bad weather, only bad clothing.
Layer up people, we are going to stay comfortable in the outdoors as we do Nature Therapy. We want moisture wicking fabrics like wool and polyesters that trap air even when wet to keep us warmer. We will avoid fabrics like cotton because it gets wet and stays wet and has no insulation. When it's wet and windy, we will use barriers the keep us dryer.

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