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Registered or Provisional Psychologist

Join our expanding practice

Our values of focus are compassion, knowledge, hope, health, contribution, balance, and ecology. 

There are many different shifts available including: weekday morning to afternoon/weekday afternoon to evening/weekend mornings to afternoons. The position is quite flexible and we can work with you to create a dream job!

By joining our team you will be provided with: 

Competitive compensation * Referrals from a Waiting List * Full Office Services and an Administrative Team * Beautiful Modern Office with therapist aids * External supervision is welcome (referrals available) * Conveniently located to parking and bus service * Peer consultation group * Resources and support for continuing education * For Provisionals: Other health care professionals share the space in the business centre most of the time that you are there


The ideal candidate has a Masters degree and is registered with the College of Alberta Psychologists as provisional or fully registered

Preference for Therapists who are able to take NIHB clients or who are in the process of applying

Application Process:

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