• Ursula de Vries

Reclaim Your Nature

Updated: Sep 29, 2019

Reclaim: retrieve or recover; something previously lost, given, or paid

Nature: the basic or inherent features of something; the essential or inherent qualities of someone/a creative or controlling force of the universe

When I first heard this phrase as a business name, it felt like I had come home. It articulates my journey and what I wish for others. It is why I wanted to get into the field of psychotherapy.

I believe that we are told to adopt attitudes, beliefs, behaviours that might not be who we really are. Sometimes we collect ways of being to protect ourselves. Eventually, our true nature is blurred or hidden. As I have learned about how people can change their thoughts, feelings and behaviours, it gave me hope that I could guide people to find their true nature and relish in it. I imagine a world where more and more people walk authentic and joyful paths through life by shedding what is no longer helpful.

Another aspect of this name is getting back into natural settings to rest, restore, and enjoy. We evolved in wild spaces and being in natural environments can support us and soothe us, bringing us back into balance. Nature is our home and we can remember how much we need it regularly, claim it again for ourselves, and protect it for our future.

Reclaim your true beautiful self. Reclaim your home in the wild.

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