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Nature Therapy

Build Resilience

We evolved in nature and our systems are restored when we return to natural places.

Learn how to spend time in nature to rest, restore, and maintain your positive mental, physical, and psychological health.

Sessions take place outdoors.

$220 / 1 hour session

Misty Woodland
Nature Therapy: Services

Nature Therapy

Connect with Nature to Reclaim Your Genuine Self

Image by Sebastian Pichler
Sitting on a Bench
Walk in Nature

Walk & Talk Therapy

Get 'Unstuck'

Instead of being indoors, venture outdoors with me, and we will walk leisurely within Nature to develop that deep connection with yourself in a place that always calls you home. As we walk in Nature, the movement may help you feel less stuck and that you are moving ahead in life.

Outdoor Sessions

Healing Naturally

Just being in Nature stimulates our immune system and promotes positive mental health. Experience rest, restoration, and rebalancing while actively reflecting on issues. 
It's like indoor counselling but with the feeling of fresh freedom. 

Group Therapeutic Walks

Public Classes

Review the Therapeutic Walks Section below for upcoming therapeutic walks. It isn't individual therapy but can be an intensely personal and meaningful therapeutic experience. 
Private Bookings available

Nature Therapy: Services

Your best health, naturally

I want you to improve your physical and mental health by spending time connecting with Nature. 
Ask me about a prescription for time with Nature! Log that you filled your prescription to win prizes from BC Parks Foundation and their sponsors!!

Nature Therapy: Image
Nature Tokens

Learn how to spend time with Nature to Rest, Restore, and Maintain Mental, Emotional and Physical Wellness

Group Nature Therapy Walks

Nature Therapy: Services
Image by Sam Mgrdichian

Discovering Connection with Nature

Saturday, April 15, 2023
10 am - 12 noon
Edworthy Park

Discover how time in Nature can help you rest, maintain, and restore. Learn strategies on how to spend time in nature on you own to continue the deepening of your mental wellness.

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