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EMDR Consultation

Support for New Career & Developing EMDR Therapists

Female Developers

EMDR Consultation Hours

Support for EMDR Therapists

Consultation is a collaborative relationship with EMDR therapists who want to receive feedback regarding their use of standard EMDR therapy with clients. The focus is on the skills and knowledge of the consultee's use of standard EMDR therapy protocols. The consulate may provide video and/or audio recordings, near verbatim transcripts, and/or EMDR case presentation forms. 

Ursula's competencies are with adults, adolescents (not children); sexualized assault/abuse; child abuse & neglect; motor vehicle accidents; parenting issues; relationship issues & interpersonal violence; substance abuse & addictions; phobias; and symptoms of anxiety, depression and PTSD.

Contact Ursula via email with specific consulting needs. 
Support available for EMDR Basic Training consultation, EMDRIA Certification consultation hours, or general professional development. 

Sessions available for:

$170 an hour for individual consultation

$70 an hour for group consultation (4 consultees maximum group size)

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